Day Two: MacIT and MacWorld in SF

A much longer day yesterday. Today will be another shorter day. Saturday is an all day single session.
MacIT - ITGS3 - CEO’s as the New Trojan - Macs at the Top
Carmi Weinzweig, Consultant (at 20th Century Fox right now)
Don’t cobble together temporary solutions for a single user or platform because you as the IT guy are too busy. Think about what a real solution would be that will support all your platforms.
MacIT - IT824 - What to do when Deploying iOS7
Randy Seeks, Network Manager, Glencoe School District 35
Make sure we have Mac OS X Server 3.0 Caching Server running in each office. Make sure to have a plan for activation locks in advance (D’oh). Supervise institutionally owned devices.
MacIT - IT832 - Essential Security & Risk Fundamentals in Room 121
Alison Gianotto, (Former) CTO/CSO, Noise
Note: All the speakers were told to bring adapters for VGA but every room is actually set up for HDMI and NOT VGA. I found out more about this story. I asked the technician for IDG (the event organizers) what was up. He said he had no idea why everyone was told to bring VGA adapters since they clearly specified to the event organizers that everything would work with HDMI. From one of the presenters I found out that someone at IDG simply sent last years “What to bring” message to all the presenters without reading this years requirements.
What is security?
   * Not something you add at the end
   * Its not “…I have a firewall”
   * Security is not an outsourced consultant or consultant agency
   * Cultivate risk responsibility throughout your team and company
MacIT - IT843 - Think Big - IT Tips for Those on the Verge of Growth
Mark Jeffries, Mozilla.org
Wrap Up
   * IT can use appliances now
   * Light IT - focus on users
   * Engage the $$$ folks at the start
   * Go human - communicate - keep IT transparent
   * Partner with key players/departments
MacIT - IT852 - Recombinant Deployment and Management for Mac and iOS
Phil Goodman
Ben Levy
Steve Leebove
When starting a project look at what the finished result needs to be AND what you can and can’t change. Research the DEP program because our Macs and iPads qualify back about 3 years. Also looking into Absolute Manager for Mac and iDevice management, updates, reporting, software management too.
MacIT - IT864 - Mobile Security, Strategy and Contextual Mobility
Rick Wylie, CEO, KeyOptions
Invasion of the mobile monster
   * BYOD or Bring Your Own Disaster
   * 51% experienced data loss due to unsecured mobile devices
   * 59% said employees had bypassed/disabled passwords
   * BYOD challenge: security vs convenience
   * iOS Security Guide from Apple
   * iOS Hardening Configuration Guide from Apple
MacIT - IT874 - SNMP Fundamentals
John Welsh, Director of IT, The Zimmerman Agency
   * SNMP V3
      * Commands
         * snmpwalk - to get it all
         * snmpget - to get something specific
         * snmpset - to set information
         * snmpwalk 
         * file a bug report with Apple to have them add the heat sensor data to their MIBs for the mini
         * Nagios
         * snmptable -v 2c -c [community] -m all [system]
Now begins Day 3.

Day One: MacIT and MacWorld in SF

Note the sometimes non-intuitive naming of the sessions compared to what I’ve taken as the primary focus or goal from that session.
MacIT – ITSKN2 - Rise of the Enterprise Platform: The New way to Protect and Share Endpoint Data
Andrew Renz, Code42 (CrashPlan 3.6.3, SharePlan 4.11)
 IT people at small businesses need to really re-think from the ground up how we backup our company data from both our servers and our user’s systems as well. We now have various mobile devices capturing data along with both portable and desktop computers. How can our various systems and processes become part of our new backup planning?
MacIT – TBGS1 - Apple Empowers Productivity Through Enterprise Mobility
Robert Gerner, Enterprise Account Executive, AirWatch
 My firm needs to change its hiring practices ASAP. New hires need to be far more tech savvy than they have been in the past. The existing staff needs to be re-educated. Double-plus good as it will lower IT overhead when rolling out new processes. Hiring people with skills in their area of expertise but lacking basic computing or mobile device understanding hinders their ability to succeed and they become a burden on the IT team.
MacIT – IT801 - Managing Apple IDs
Weldon Dodd, Rewind Technology
“Apple IDs were not created for IT folks” - Weldon
As an IT person expect to end up with at least six different Apple IDs and possibly more. So far I have eight.
MacIT – IT811 - Building Better Users
Clif Hirtle, Bain Capital
  • Specialist don’t always understand the big picture or the entire process. IT projects require input from other departments and/or end users.
  • Take knowledge and spread it across the organization in an easy to digest form: For example using iBooks. This way the documentation (aka knowledge) is presented in a standardized format across many platforms.
  • Data is abundant while actionability is rare. You know where the problems are but don’t have the resources to do anything about them. Using checklists create a plan and then test where the plan breaks. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Until you get it right.
Now begins Day 2.


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